Foxy Bingo review and welcome bonuses

Feb 7, 2018
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Foxy Bingo is a well-known company in the UK, and you’ve probably caught their recent adverts starring Hollywood actress Heather Graham! If you’re looking for a new bingo provider to join, you will almost certainly be considering Foxy Bingo along the way. Launched in 2005, this leading bingo platform is a fun and vibrant concept, and one that you need to consider.

It can be hard when it comes to choosing the right bingo provider online, and sometimes you need to try out a few before you can settle on the right one. Foxy Bingo is a name that comes with so much clout it’s difficult to ignore it. Check out our review of Foxy Bingo to help you decide whether this is the right provider to meet your bingo needs.

The site

Foxy Bingo has clearly gone down the route of making sure their site looks modern and professional but stopping it from looking dull at the same time. You may not get the colour saturation you do with other sites, but there are plenty of pictures, and the clever use of Foxy as a character is a masterstroke. The company is instantly recognizable the second you see that purple-suited fox and his Northern accent. You can find anything you need quickly and easily on the site, and this works well in its favour.


All the bingo bases are covered here, as the site offers 90-Ball, 80-Ball, 75-Ball, and 30-Ball bingo games as their main focus. But, they also offer specials as well as promotional bingo games, so there is plenty to choose from in that regard. But it’s not just bingo games on offer here – Foxy has a great selection of other games for when you suffer bingo burnout. There are jackpot slots, such as Big Lebowski and Mega Fortune; cool table games like Deal Or No Deal roulette, and Caribbean Poker; there are even a few scratch cards as well. You’re never going to be bored for the number of games there are on offer here.


The 400% Foxy Bingo Welcome Bonus definitely made our ears prick up, and remains one of the best introductory promotions on the market. Deposit £10 and get a whopping £50 to play with so you can really cut your bingo teeth! In addition to this, there are countless other promotions the site has to offer players – like the Midweek Treat, and The Pursuit of Foxiness. These keep things fun and exciting, and always ensure that players are able to win money on a regular basis.


Foxy Bingo has some of the best games of any provider we’ve reviewed. Not only are there loads of cool bingo games to choose from, but there’s also a stunning selection of other casino games as well. We want the focus to be on bingo, sure, but it’s also important to have a choice of playing other great games as well. And Foxy has more games than you can reasonably shake your bushy tail at! Add to this the fact that they also have some pretty awesome bonus offers as well – the Welcome Bonus sets you up nicely for ample bingo gaming opportunities.

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