Mecca Bingo review and welcome bonuses

Feb 16, 2018
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The name Mecca Bingo should need no introduction, it oozes the glitz, glamour, and gaming we associate with online bingo. Ranking among the most popular bingo sites out there, Mecca is a leading name in the world of online bingo gaming. The word ‘Mecca’ has religious connotations, and bingo is sure to become your new religion thanks to sites like Mecca Bingo.

The world of online bingo gaming has become wildly popular in recent times, though it is still lagging a little behind online casino gaming. But, the beauty of it is, you no longer have to wait for a free window in your schedule to play bingo, and you can even play on your own if you like, with just the click of a button. Check out our review of Mecca Bingo, and understand the benefits of this leading brand name.

The site

The Mecca Bingo site is pretty much what you would expect it to be – it’s loud, colourful, and definitely makes its presence felt. The site offers a lot for visitors and packs plenty of information into itself. One gripe we could level at the site is the fact that it seems a little crowded and busy, particularly on the homepage. We feel like it could stand to be streamlined a little more – having said that, it looks good, and it’s easy to navigate.


Powered by Virtue Fusion software, the games on this site rank as some of the best bingo games on the digital landscape. Every conceivable variation of bingo is available, including themed bingo games such as Deal Or No Deal Bingo, and Britain’s Got Talent. This place is certainly your ‘mecca’ for all things bingo related. Special mention must go to the Emoji Bingo game, one of the most fun and unique bingo games we’ve encountered online. But, that’s not all, oh no! There are more than 300 games available on the site, and they range from bingo game to slot games, to casino games. We love the selection on offer, and, in particular, the themed slots, many of which share similarities with the themed bingo games.


One of the things we dig about Mecca is how heavily they invest in new players. And this is clear from looking at their Welcome Bonus. Spend £10 and play with £40 is their promotional deal for new customers, and your £30 bingo bonus will go a long way. But, in addition to this, there are also round-the-clock weekly and monthly promotions that users can take advantage of. Everyone’s A Winner, £1 Million Slots Draw, and Winning Wheel Wednesday are just some of the cool promotions that members can take advantage of in addition to their sign up bonus.


Overall, we dig Mecca Bingo, and it has a lot to offer its customers. With some cool and quirky bingo games, such as Emoji Bingo, and a huge array of other casino games, you will never get tired of this site. The Welcome Bonus is pretty standard for most sites (but still good), and there is a large variety of other bonuses as well. We think the site could do with a bit of work, but overall this is one of the best online bingo sites we’ve been to, and we’d recommend it right away.

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